Chaos Dungeon bonus boss room bugged

I was doing a rested chaos dungeon when i got the bonus boss room portal. I entered the room and then my game froze. I restarted the game and every time i loaded into that specific instance with that character, the game would freeze at the loading screen. However, once the chaos dungeon timed out, i was able to play normally again. The boss room is bugged. Please restore my rested dungeon session. I lost out on a ton of materials through no fault of my own.


Same issue for me too!

same… happened just now… no red portal drops… no stage 3 drops… and entry is used…
and this happen after 10k queue… really something…

they announced that as a bug, and there solution is to not go into red portals xD, at this point might be best to either roll the dice or save up the energy for when its fixed

Happened just now (SA Server). I entered the red portal (1415) then my game froze.

happened all night, thankfully was only Inf for me… still tilting when you woulda got a free grace hone for my weapon. I can’t believe they just say “not go in red portals” like wtf thats the best loot we get.

I had this issue today (5/27/22) between 4:10-4:15 pm server (NA east UNA) time.

I entered a boss room from a chaos dungeon and the game froze. I restarted the client and was place back in the same boss room dead with 1:25 left on the timer. However the Time didn’t move and i could not resurrect. In fact the game was frozen again. I restarted a 2rd time and when i came back i was no longer frozen, but the time had expired.

Reading this thread it seem like a common issue, and was wondering if this was how i would submit a ticket to possibly get my aura of resonance refunded.

I’m sorry if im posting in the wrong place. just let me know what i can do about it.

The same for me, I entered the red portal of dungeon chaos and my game just stopped responding, I managed to enter again with 2 minutes left and my game crashed again, that is, I lost the dungeon chaos. :clown_face:
(SA - Kazeros)