Chaos Dungeon Boss Lujean Frozen Client

In chaos dungeon I got red portal for boss when i zoned in my game client froze - i relaunched, logged in and froze again - third time the time had expired and the boss “Lujean” i think was it’s name despawned and i no longer had any time left. there is no data in the application event log in windows since the application did not crash.


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Same here, Happen to me just now.
My lostark client got froze, then I close it using task manager.
Relaunch, still have 50s left, the boss still not appear then froze again.

RIP my chaos dungeon run.

boss doesn’t load and crashes my game also!!! so stupid and lost my chaos bonus

Same issue for me today:

Same here. As soon as i enter the boss portal, it freezes. Even after a quick restart of my PC and game, it freezes again. After the restart i could have a short glimpse at the bosses health bar and the name - Lujean. As soon as the time is up and you failed the chaos dungeon, you are allowed to proceed and klick “leave”.

This happened to me twice by now with my main. Since it robs you of at least half of your daily income, it starts to become a ko-criteria for me.

I beg for a fix ASAP.

It has been happening for a week already and I think they’re aware of the issue. Hopefully the fix will come with the maint this Thursday.

bug still happening