Chaos Dungeon changes reversed?

After the recent downtime to fix the AH/Marketplace you have somehow managed to revert the recent chaos dungeon changes from the last patch that stop our buffs from disappearing between floors?

Like what the hell? I did chaos dungeons yesterday (Monday 28th November) and all was fine Today however (Tuesday 29th November) I activated my class identity (Paladin) in floor 1 and then it was automatically turned off when entering floor 2 leaving me with partial identity meter. This is exactly what used to happen before the last patch.

Official word on this would be nice.


After further testing this appears to be specific to Paladin only;

SHADOWHUNTER: Both hallucination/reality set buffs and transformation status persist through floors.

GLAIVIER: Both pinnacle stance change buffs and knightmare set bonus persist through floors.

DEATHBLADE: Surge stacks held persist through floors

SOULFIST: Both dominion set bonus and hype meter persist through floors.

I am unsure why the Paladin identity meter skills (Holy Aura/Judgment) appear to be the only thing that does NOT persist through chaos dungeon floors?? I ran chaos dungeons yesterday as already stated and this appeared to be fine as these things were a QOL change in the last patch.

If anyone has noticed any other buffs/meter skills resetting between Chaos dungeon floors pls add in the comments.


Thanks for writting about it, +1