Chaos Dungeon DC again

I just did T3 Chaos Dungeons on my main and it was all fine. Then I logged in to do them on my T3 alt. I started Chaos Dungeon just fine. Got to Floor 2 and got disconnected. I logged back in and was still inside of the said Chaos Dungeon but with 30 seconds which is impossible time to clear a floor in for my character. But then you can ignore those 30 seconds left because at 10 seconds left I got disconnected AGAIN from the same dungeon. And of course as you’d expect logging in for the THIRD time I’m back in the town and I lost 50 Aura of Resonance.

Note: This isn’t even MATCHMAKING as I clicked “Enter” to do it solo.

I thought the issues with stuff like this were supposed to be fixed? @Roxx