Chaos Dungeon Ditchers

I started to notice a trend of people who join a Chaos dungeon and leave if a gold portal doesn’t spawn OR leave right after clearing a gold portal.

My assumption is that they’ve exhausted their resonance and are at the cap for shard purchases so they are ONLY running for the gold portal perks. Regardless, this isn’t fair to the remaining party members who would like to finish the Chaos Rift.

Can the game impose a leaving penalty to these players? Perhaps (like with PvP) a 20m Queue lock out?

As far as i know if member party leave the dungeon difficulty scale to remaining members. But again chaos dungeon is a joke it’s super casual you can even use the cheap potions

I understand what you vouch for but how are you affected by the player who left?
Chaos dungeons can still be completed and can even be done solo.

So why punish the player that left if you can still complete the dungeon?

Most likely due to a video on youtube that recently hit the algorithm… basically stating that leaving after level 2 is more efficient if you dont get a special portal.

Not a big deal either way since its just chaos… you can easily finish it solo

I personally build support and enjoy playing a support role - so my skills and abilities are set in a way that builds my meter for heals and boosts the effectiveness of my allies. I do not hit ‘matchmaking’ with the mindset of playing solo. If these other people only plan on going to level 2 and dipping then they could and should do that by themselves - not within a matchmaking setting.

At the end of the day, it’s a manipulation of intent and a deception to those who are seeking to play/enjoy a game in a social setting. It should be penalized.

I get where you are coming from but Chaos Dungeons just may be the one type of content that should be done solo or with friends/guildmates/etc. Supports really aren’t needed for Chaos Dungeons. They aren’t particularly hard, It’s generally more efficient to do it solo because you have better control of mob grouping. And so for the most part, you are more likely to find leeches trying to MM into Dungeons.

I agree that people shouldn’t go in matchmaking just to leave. Besides, if they wanna be efficient, they really should just go solo…
The people that leave matchmaking just for “efficiency” are basically shooting themselves in the foot, and they don’t even realize it. They’re just doing what a video told them

Other than that, I agree with the general sentiment that this shouldn’t bother you

Not sure what support you’re playing, but if it’s paladin, holy sword + holy explosion + holy protection(maxed) + heavenly blessings + wrath of god + execution of justice + godsent law should be all you need to run solo as a decent support.

You got plenty of buffs that way, a bit of healing, 2 shields, and 4 great aoe skill, and you do chaos dungeons with minimal item level gear easy as 123.

If, however you’re a bard, I got no idea

i don’t think they are able to separate leaving penalties for soloing a dungeon vs grouping in a dungeon, which is why people get leaving penalty when they leave a solo guardian raid early, which is ridiculous since they’re doing solo content.

if they are tho, why not. although i think that’ll just make it more difficult for you to matchmake, since all thoose people running infinite chaos dungeons will just choose to solo queue.

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And if you play bard its easier than most DPS to solo chaos dungeons lol

So much fun too

No shot I’m matchmaking chaos dungeons with my bards

That being said, if y’all want to do the 2 levels trick y’all need to go solo don’t do that thing in matchmaking

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why are you doing them in a group anyway ???

+1 to that don’t do chaos in a group unless you are really slow (support classes I’m sorry). But the leaving technique is dumb and doesn’t even save a lot of time. 500ms maybe after loading screens and crap…

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