Chaos Dungeon drop rate nerfed to get a ticket for Boss Rush?


was the drop rate nerfed to get a boss rush ticket?

I am not doing anything different in Chaos Dungeons on sometimes 7 Chars (4 Classes: Bard, SH, Summoner, Sorc).

Until the new Patch I was able to get at least in the second run, if not in both, either

  • a ticket for Boss Rush (likely)

  • a ticket for Cube (most likely)

  • Gold Portal (likely)

  • and Monster Portal (very unlikely, though I didnt care, cause the loot is bad)

Has anyone the same feeling or any further information?

Thanks and Cheers

same feeling, did 2 x rested + 2x aura os resonance on 2 chars got no ticket at all for cube or boss rush.

just finished my 3 other alts with rested x2. Got nothing other than a cube ticket. Something is definitely fishy with the last update.

Its called RNG. Have a nice day.


First its RNG but if u do every day CD u get 2x Boss Rush and 2x Cube Ticket a week. That is already statet. By people if i remmember correct.

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I know you have a guaranteed 1 br/cube ticket a week, But wait what… both runs, second run? Wow, if i get a ticket a week - with rested i am happy. and if i see a gold portal - i struck gold.
Damn, you ppl are lucky.

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Today full I only got cube tickets again

Got a b2b gold portal yesterday that has never happened before.
As other than that yea i get like 1 cube/boss rush ticket every week on my main.

Every patch there’s someone that will had bad RNG and complain its been nerfed. Its just rng. Come back in a week or two.

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I usually got a cube ticket in every second run with all of my 6 chars.

I hate cube tickets and I collect them, though they were an indicator that I did something right, namely finishing the Boss in the second dungeon within the time frame as pre-condition to either get boss rush/cube/gold or monster portal.

Now I hardly get either of them. Further more, the amount of drops in general (the skill things to upgrade the skils, gems and accessories has also become lower, just in my opinion.

@wHiTeSoL: Its been almost a week of doing chaos dungeons daily, so no, its not subjective and it wasnt just a day or two.

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Just bad RNG mate. Generally expect roughly 1.5 tickets per week (non-rested). Thats the general rate.

Hey im not saying ur making this up it’s not as if AGS hasn’t shadow nerfed shit in the past.
Hope ur luck turns bud.

Hi everyone,

Thanks for sharing this with us. We will keep an eye on it.

This is not a thing.

Every minor patch someone comes and said BR ticket drops are nerfed then dissapears after a few days.

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