Chaos Dungeon Energy Not Refreshing Daily

In the last 5 days, my main’s chaos dungeon energy has only reset twice. All my alts are getting 100 energy per day, so it is not an account issue. This is really frustrating as it’s hard for me to push my main when I can’t do chaos dungeons.

Of note, I have 10 rest, not a full bar. I don’t know if this is related but all of my alts either have a full bar of rest or none and they get the 100 energy per day.

I believe this is what happened:
Tuesday: used one chaos dungeon (accumulated 10 rest)
Wednesday: Did both, and a bunch to farm for tokens (still 10 rest)
Thursday: No Chaos Dungeon energy, wondering if I made a mistake
Friday: Chaos Dungeon refreshed, assumed I did something wrong, did both
Today/Saturday: No energy refreshed

I am having the same issue. My main character, as well as my 2 alt characters are fully missing Chaos Dungeon energy and Guardian Raid souls today. I also noticed that I was missing some Chaos Dungeon runs for one of my alts yesterday.

I decided to check all my lvl 50 alts. The chaos dungeon energy is there, but the rest bonus for one of the character’s guardian raids is incorrectly calculated. 3 have 80, but 1 has 70 which makes no sense since I have not done guardian raids on any of my alts.

i have the same issue on one of my toons

I’m having the same issue as well.