Chaos Dungeon Etiquette

I’m sure this has been said before…but this seems to be more and more of an issue I as play, so I’m going to say something.

First and foremost, stop blocking your groups’ progression. If 2 or 3 of your group have accepted the portal, then ACCEPT it for crying out loud. I’ve been in too many groups lately where people are not accepting the portal, and the timer runs out, not only once, but twice in many instances. Regardless if you think that clearing the stage is necessary, if the group wants to move YOU move. It’s simple etiquette.

Secondly, the math has been done. Yes, it is actually better to rush than full-clear. Stage one, you want to get out of it as soon as you possibly can (15%-16%). There are no elites there, and that’s what you want to focus.

Once in stage two, focus the elites every time they are up. Then, focus the boss. Then get the hell outta dodge onto stage 3. Once in stage 3, clear the mobs you need to in order to spawn the red crystals for the elites. Bring the elites down, rinse and repeat.

For those of you running your endless Chaos…don’t keep a group behind because of your own agenda. Either run it solo, or work WITH the group.


Just don’t do matchmaking on chaos dungeons lol.


I thought the math said to go solo and leave the dungeon as soon as you see that the portal on the 2nd stage isn’t a Gold or Boss portal.

Yes, if you are running your endless…but that’s not what this is about. This is about people matchmaking and holding the group hostage. If you still have your aura, you want to clear all stages.

You sure they are not trolling the group by refusing to advance even when there is no more mobs left?

I have never had the timer run out even with people that insists on clearing every mob.

To further to your info.

Mobs killed adds to the %, and the dungeon is over at 100%. so clearing a floor doesn’t matter. if you kill 5% on floor 1, you get to kill 95% on floor 2 and 3. If you killed 30% on floor 1, you get to kill 70% on floor 2 and 3. So by not clearing the floor you are not losing anything.

And people running endless dungeons is actually suppose to rush to end floor 3 and see if it is gold or red gate. Then quit or continue. Clearing the floor of mobs is the exact opposite of being efficient.

I don’t know if they are trolling, or just are unaware…which is why I wanted to post this…maybe some of them will see this?

I’m probably sounding salty, but it really comes down to the fact I want to be sure this information is out there for these players to see.

I’m not mad, just trying to spread information.

I get where you’re going there. But to be the devil’s advocate, that is totally the opposite of the point of an MMO.

But, that said, if the game perpetuates not being an MMO while being an MMO, things won’t change until the game changes.

You are going to hate T3, there is almost always 1 or 2 players bot farming leapstones. So you are generally carrying pretty hard

Oh I’m in T3, and this is where I see it the most.

Basically the entire group experience of this game. From when I first started playing, any dungeon I did in a party, any chaos run, 3/4 want to skip. One person holding 3 hostage every single time. Hell you see it in Abyss runs too. How many fucking times do you need to see the same cutscene?

If the co-op experience is actively hindering your enjoyment of the game, maybe just choose the single player option.

I’d be more sympathetic to him if there weren’t other myriads of co-op content out there. Maybe you can do the easiest content alone lol.

Yes I have started noticing this more and more it is very frustrating. I don’t care about the players that leave after 2nd stage if Portal is no good I have seen the video I understand the maths its the ones that hold the other 3 players to ransom for no apparent gain that aggravate me.

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I’ve experienced what you’re talking about, but not to the point of running out timer. Easiest solution run them solo, that’s what I do.

do it solo, you’re just carrying bots and taking longer to finish by yourself

Where is the proof that you should rush stage 1 or stuff…

Seeing different reports that say now you should only kill the boss in level 2 after you got 60%+ … because it drops better loot then…

Like others said… .you want it your way to run solo… otherwise you are at the mercy of each member of the group…

Until they don’t implement that 3 person vote wins don’t use matchmaking for chaos, pls, or be prepared you may lose your resonance. This topic has been around here since launch. The ppl you are adressing aren’t even reading the forum, for sure.

Go solo
Equip Preemptive Strike

headscratch Why are you doing chaos dungeons with groups?

I understand the point of doing Chaos in group
It exists and it’s part of the game

But the system is wrong, you shouldn’t have a vote for the next section
If the portal appears it’s done and with only one ppl it should tp the whole group

Just like you have with the Abyss dungeons, once the majority is within the square ready to fight, it tp’s everyone

I have to admit that ppl trolling others in Chaos are the worst and giving them more ways to do so won’t help others to enjoy their gaming experience

Ok, so, I did some testing on my end.

I have 2 builds on my Soulfist that I’m using from Maxroll. The main one I use is Robust Spirit. This is actually the one I used for all Guardian Raids and Chaos Dungeons (prior to tonight).

So the thing that made me want to group on Chaos dungeons is the literal insane potion chugging I have to do to stay alive in a solo Chaos dungeon. Note that this is T3 Moon 2.
As an aside, farming mats for HP potions is terrible, and I want to limit that as best I can (I have better uses for gathering, flares, destruction bombs, among other things that I just cannot keep up on).

So I switched to the “recommended” Chaos Dungeon build…and it’s literally the same thing. Can I solo it? Sure! But it takes longer, and I use 5x more potions to do it. And this is why I choose to group up. If I get a group that actually accepts the portals, not only is it faster, but I don’t chug like I’m a potion-aholic.