Chaos dungeon exchange shop T3

hey everyone, i would like to talk about the Chaos Dungeon exchange shop for T3.

In the beginning you had to play multiple times the chaos dungeon for the t3 materials cause the price is increasing but you could trade and sell them.

Now they are binded, i know its new, so the bots cant farm them endless and sell them and thats a good idea but if they are binded, i would recommend that the price won`t increase, it should stay the same, cause like this to buy the t3 guardian stones 10x for 10 fragments and then paying about 460x for just 60 is to much, the same with the leapstones, pouches and other stuff.

if its not good to let the price the same then maybe increasing by a bit and not to much, like this its not worth to spam chaosdungeon t3, i won`t spent couple of days for some stones where the price is dropping as hell.

I would like to hear everyones feedback.

Possible reason they didnt stop the price increase is probably because if they do, it benefits bots WAY more than it benefits regular users.

but like this ( i think ) no one wants to re-enter chaos dungeons cause its non-profitable for the time they spent

I already have 4 characters over 1430. I don’t want to do infinite chaos to begin with lol. Id rather do my daily 8, daily 8 guardian, my 8 weekly valtan/vykas, my 4 weekly argos, my 3 weekly challenge guardians. If i did infinite chaos on top of that, I’d literally never stop playing.

infinite chaos dungeon shouldnt be a thing at all or it should be so that you can clear out the whole weekly shop in like an hour or 2 of it because its not a fun thing to do in the first place