Chaos dungeon improvements?

I don’t know if this would be a good idea but I was thinking of ways to improve the daily grind. Chaos dungeons are extremely repetitive as we all know. Especially if you have a legion of alts.

Maybe implement more random rewards from gold/red portals?

A very small chance to get x amount of pheons or a large sum of gold. Or even pets,mounts and rare/older cosmetics.

I realize this can be easily exploited and farmed so it would only be available to people with aura of resonance.

I’m sure there have been posts about this but I just thought I’d add to the pot.

Those would be a bonus but the best improvement qol they can give us is faster aggro and smaller condensed maps. Pretty sure kr has this.


Hiya! Thanks for your suggestion. I will pass this along to the Dev team. :slight_smile:

rng on top of rng and you suggest more rng. You people are mazed af

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