Chaos Dungeon Issues

The current state of Chaos Dungeons is just not enjoyable, there are two main issues with these.

Firstly is the people running Chaos Dungeons just to leave at the end of the second state for farming gold portals is something very frustrating when you are just trying to do your dailies, especially as a support class, while the HP of enemies is lowered accordingly it still wastes much more time and makes the whole experience much worse.

Two solutions are to stop people from leaving mid-matchmaking dungeons, in solos this is fine and people can do whatever they want.

The second solution to this problem is to redistribute the overall loot to be more concentrated in the third stage to punish portal farmers, currently, you get more materials per minute by farming stages 1 and 2 then leaving then doing all three stages which just ruins matchmaking chaos dungeons.

The second major issue is the T3 exchange vendors’ horrifying inflation, just by buying three T3 least ones the price soars to become twice the initial amount, while endless Chaos Dungeon grinding shouldn’t be the main source of materials, while there is very little material sources this is something you could realistically grind if you were not grinding out life skills/adventure tome.

I feel like the exchange system is fine overall but we should be able to get around 10 exchanges off before the price doubles to make it actually worth it grinding these dungeons.

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Agree, met 6 of those early bailouts the other day, all from Vultan and Mari on NA West.

Should impose the same 20 minutes penalty like pvp bailouts at two strikes.

wait why are you matchmaking chaos dungeons? they are epically more tedious in group. If you play some low dmg class just get preemptive strike and destroy them solo.

Edit.: or find one friend ho will do them with you to get you through them fast.

This isn’t a solution its just ignoring a problem, if I am playing Bard or Paladin I shouldn’t have to grind out Chaos Dungeons solo which takes much longer overall unless you build damage which isn’t a proper option this early in the game where people are struggling to even get decent engravings on their main class

Mhm I understand the frustration, but as a bard main I can just say, run it solo. There are PvE damage builds for bards, where you only need to change skills. I have run them solo from T1 through T3. It’s actually faster than on my gunslinger, because you just need to aggro all mobs and mindlessly drop AoEs and rinse and repeat. It takes me around 5min per chaos dungeon. I know it’s probably not the answer you’re looking for, but matchmaking is always a gamble in this game.

I’m doing chaos dungeon solo on my bard as fast as with all my other classes. Just follow the guide on maxroll if you have trouble. If you have fun playing other classes then I would suggest to play your alts instead of grinding for the mats in infinty chaos dungeons…since its no fun for you.

Again this is just ignoring the points and the problem, I’m talking about issues in matchmaking. I don’t get why everything has to be some debate about how you doing things wrong.

This is feedback due to a bad system not “Did you know you can do Chaos Dungeons solo?”

Yeah, but people are telling you: this is how matchmaking works and it works as intended. You’re doing this with random people and possibly inviting frustration into your life. It’s unlikely they will change chaos dungeon rewards, as it’s the same on every other version. We’re telling you a very easy fix is to run the two daily dungeons solo.

You’re literally sitting here in in a game feedback threat telling people to ignore the problem and do it your way because “that’s just how things are”, I don’t care about how you like doing chaos dungeons. Simple as that.

There are fundamental issues with how Chaos Dungeons work that don’t get get swept under the rug by ignoring them

I understand that there is a issue but they have much much bigger problems to solve right now. I also dont understand why the boss/gold portal must be after the 2nd stage when they could move it to the end as a random bonus round.

Actually a legitimate solution

I can totally get the frustration. I have 7 chars, and on the ones I don’t like, I tend to matchmake and just not try to rush it.

It’s also just so stupid when players do that, because it actually slows them down, if they REALLY wanna go fast they should just do that strat solo, not in groups… not only is it bothering people, it’s also hindering themselves… But you can’t expect much from people that just do what guides say without thinking for themselves

In case it helps, on paladin there's a few things you can do and can run it solo almost as fast as a berserker(click to expand)

(I like paladin, leveled all the way up to t3, doing dungeons solo)
You need the heavenly blessings spell, the blue one where the sword goes swirly swirly, the casted explosion one, the yellow one that buffs party attack(cast that first, if mobs don’t get 1hit cast ur channeling-type shield spell) and the holy sword spell

Stage 1 - run in circles, when mobs group up, press heavenly blessings
Run a few more seconds, do swirly swirly sword
Run few more seconds, explosion spell
If needed, run in a line, use holy sword on all the mobs, high damage
It should be done by now, but if it isn’t, do the other 2 that are left

Stage 2:
Group up all 3 elites
Use awakening
Run in circles, killing stuff like in stage 1 until 3 more elites spawn - but keep heavenly blessings
Group up all 3 new elites, heavenly blessing should 1 shot them all the way up to 1080 ilevel(or nearly)… if not dead, use swirly swirly sword to finish them off
Big boye ™ spawns: group it with the 7th elite, take them all out with awakening(should be forced off cooldown by you killing all the elites earlier)

For the third stage, just do random stuff, that one’s easy

Once again. 100% agree with your frustration. I do think they should add a penalty for leaving in chaos dungeons just like in guardian raids

I’m not saying it should be swept under the rug. But I’m saying it is very unlikely to change because a vast majority of all playerbases probably do not have this kind of problem and there are about 1000 other things on fire on this version right now, that actually need to be fixed. I said I understand your frustration, and to try to run it solo so you definitely don’t miss out on rewards, instead of hoping that they will change the system anytime soon. I wasn’t trying to say it’s not valid criticism, but trying to say that you can attempt to bypass this problem right now.