Chaos Dungeon level advancement should be majority vote

Or at least inform the group who votes against moving on, so they can be vote kicked if needed.

I just had a 1415 Berserker ruin a run of the 1325 chaos dungeon by refusing to vote to move on from the first floor. Something like that just shouldn’t be possible, especially in content as easy as chaos dungeons, if the other three in the group want to advance. There’s no reason that a single person can troll the other three like this and ruin their daily chaos dungeons.

In this particular case, it was probably just a badly made infinite chaos bot. Dude spent over half an hour after the failure trying to queue back into random chaos dungeon levels, not responding to chat, spamming dodges and attacks as if the dungeon was ongoing, which I kept blocking vindictively. A human player could just leave and queue from there, so probably just a badly made bot.

This person botting and/or trolling is beside the point though. There needs to be better tools to deal with people that are engaging in this kind of behavior, because requiring unanimous votes to move on and not informing who dissented just enables bad actors.

Came to tell you that if you are doing chaos dungeons in a group,its time to deinstall the game or focus on collecting mokoko seeds


How in the world is their a post like this every day, are people actually just playing the game incorrectly on purpose?

Why people even do chaos runs in groups??? I’m a paladin with support build (just changing preset for skills for solo play, but the rest is the same) have no problem to clear chaos…

No shot people are still doing chaos dungeons in groups lmao.

+1 - it’s bullshit that one mentally watered down moron can essentially hold 3 people hostage.

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Isn’t the raid restart/end vote system a majority one? If so, that’s amusing then that the chaos dungeon doesn’t work the same way between the levels.

I personally don’t understand why anyone would even bother with a group for chaos dungeon and a pug group at that but if they are going to do that then this should definitely be changed to majority vote.

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I’ve had a similar experience. Except it wasn’t a bot in my case, it was an actual player who decided to hold 3 people hostage, run down the timer and waste everyone’s daily entry. I’ve been doing chaos dungeon solo ever since.

I do agree that people should just solo. It’s faster and you are safe from this kind of problem. But it doesn’t change the fact that a predominantly coop content can be so easily abused like this. I think for all other voting mechanics in the game, you just need the majority to pass the vote. No idea why this isn’t the case for chaos dungeons.

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Victim blaming doesn’t help anyone. Regardless of what people “should” be doing, the option to play chaos dungeons coop exists, and the potential for grief and abuse is high. This is the game feedback forum, and saying that the chaos dungeon voting needs improvement is valid feedback to be giving.

Also, I have 1233 mokoko seeds.

I disagree because I can tell you last night we got a red portal and we killed the boss. my bags filled up as they were quite packed. This is my alt character and I don’t inventory manage like I do on my main, so I needed aminute to clear my bags so I could loot the red portal boss. So if it was majority i would have lost all that loot. So no, this idea does not take enough into consideration.

Majority vote works only if loot were to be auto sent to mail if not collected, like it should be. But it isn’t. So no.

U r right,you are a victim the second you choose to do a simple 5 minute solo daily with a group of random people.You made yourself a victim of your own *lack of intelligence ,for the lack of a better word.Take some responsibility for your own decisions and stop crying every time you meet someone that doesnt want to do what you say/want to do.Its your choice to waste time with random people instead of running it solo like everyone who respects their own time is.Should i cry when you wipe my team 5 times at velganos? Nah,i just quit doing it with randoms and find normal people with brains to do it with.

Cases like yours are why, if not majority vote, it should at least identify who voted to stay, at which point a discussion can happen. Otherwise, its russian roulette with vote kicking party members to hopefully get the right one before the dungeon times out.

I’ve certainly had runs where we had a miniboss remaining on the second floor after the main boss was killed, and delayed continuing until it was killed. But in the end, I’d rather miss out on a few drops or a few minibosses than miss out on the majority of a run again.

How often does it actually occur that this is even a problem? I have not encountered this being a problem ever so why are we asking for a change if its an isolated problem?

Also this gives premade 3s the ability to grief a solo queuers experience. That is a problem.
One guy dies to the boss, is back at the spawn. Boss dies. 3 vote yes. 4th guy gets no loot.

Its only happened once for me so far, I wrote the original post while the bot was trying to start another run, but there are a few other posters here with similar experiences. So while not a common problem, there is huge potential for abuse here that needs to be mitigated in some manner, whether that’s majority vote or just identifying the dissenter. Notably, it identifies who doesn’t want to do another run, but doesn’t identify who doesn’t want to go to another floor.

My thoughts on this are make it like a starting area in a dungeon/abyss raid or dungeon and have a platform with a countdown.
That way they have a fair amount of time to organize themselves and when all 4 people are there moves it along instantly. OR when the time expires. Whichever is first.

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That would work as well, and I think there’s something already like that for the cube.

Do your inventory management outside of a Chaos Dungeon run, don’t hold up other people, because of your inconsiderate to other peoples time.

never do chaos dungeons on group

In a perfect world sure. This world isn’t perfect. It has to be accounted for.

Also its not like it takes long to clear a bag, just move it over to storage with your pet if you have or just dismantle the expertise/endurance/domination stuff as fast as possible. its like 60 seconds. Not a big deal

I had hoped that this offensive, incoherent diatribe would have been removed as inappropriate, but alas it has not happened yet so I shall respond.

Take some responsibility for your own decisions and stop crying every time you meet someone that doesnt want to do what you say/want to do

This wasn’t one person defying my will, this was one person holding the group of 4 hostage. There is zero reason to remain on the first floor of a chaos dungeon until it times out other than to troll and hinder the gameplay of the rest of your group.

Its your choice to waste time with random people instead of running it solo like everyone who respects their own time is

Even if I ran it solo, that group would have filled and someone else would have had their aura of resonance wasted. Despite the wisdom of the forums, there are many people matchmaking chaos dungeons, all of which are vulnerable to this kind of behavior. This isn’t about vengeance for wasting my time, there is a reason I haven’t posted the screenshot I have of the offender. Its about preventing it from happening to anyone in the future, by fixing a system that is open for abuse.

Should i cry when you wipe my team 5 times at velganos?

This is a bad comparison for a multitude of reasons. You can’t wipe a team five times on a guardian raid, the mechanics don’t support that. Nor could I wipe your team any number of times on Velganos, because I do that guardian raid solo on my main. And considering that this is about my 1325 alt, there is really no way that I am ruining your Velganos runs. Most importantly though, a failed guardian raid doesn’t consume that soul, but sabotaging a chaos dungeon does use up the aura of resonance.