Chaos Dungeon Loading Stuck at 25%

Area: Europe West, Server: Shadespire.
At approx. 16:55 I attempted to enter a Chaos Dungeon, the load was slow and stalled at 25%, I checked task manager and Lost Ark was showing as “Not Responding”.

I closed the game, then restarted it and tried to login to the same character, on attempt 1 the game instantly closed when I tried to connect, on attempts 2 & 3, the chaos dungeon tried to load, but again froze at 25% on both attempts.

So now im here telling you, gonna try and login on a different character next.

Update Yesterday when I posted it the game released my character after a couple of hours.

Today I was able to do 2 chaos dungeons then I used 2 hits on the resonance potion and went back in then the problem posted above occured again, stuck on loading screen at 25%.

Hi, @undyinguk22. Have you tried verifying the integrity of the game files on steam to see if that helps?

I will try that today.

Further update, today at 0611, I tried to join a chaos dungeon and my game simply closed to desktop upon loading.