Chaos Dungeon loot bug?

Not sure if people are reporting this, but I heard it was a thing on KR for a long time before it was fixed.

Anyway, I was just in a 1340 Chaos Dungeon, killed the ‘boss’ in the 2nd room and literally only dropped like 3-4 stacks of silver. No items, no gems, no loot, nothing but like 1000 silver in total.

About 30-50% of the time I kill 2nd room boss in the past week or two (at least that I have noticed) I have been noticing very poor drops; especially compared to T1 and T2 or higher T3 chaos dungeons. Most of my characters are in 1340 dungeon at this time. This is where I notice ‘extremely bad luck’ the most.

I understand RNG. I just think it is highly improbable to literally only get 1000 silver from a 2nd room boss. The other drops i’ve noticed seemed somewhat bad RNG, like one gem, a couple of materials, and silver. Most of the time I get an item or two, a stone, a gem, and such. So when I get absolutely nothing, I notice.

Not sure if its a correlation or if its just how I kill the bosses, but if it helps, I tend to use my ultimate ability on them and they end up dying within 5 seconds of spawning, sometimes in one shot. I see a pattern of ‘killing too quickly’ leading to poor rng.

Is anyone else able to verify similarly?

Edit: I found this thread, which may be helpful for anyone looking into this bug.