Chaos Dungeon Matchmaking, Leavers and Penalties

So, when I did my chaos dungeons today I noticed a bunch of people just quitting after the second floor, after kindly asking them, when that became a habbit they stated, that the 3rd floor is a waste of time. Not to flock them to the wall for doing that, as you can easily finish the dungeon without a problem, if you are not a support class.

That being said, I am not sure where exactly to put this report, because it’s obviously not a bug but a rather frustrating mechanic.

So - either make Level 3 of Chaos Dungeons more attractive or give them a penalty for leaving early in a CD abondoning others (20mins or something). Personally I find it unfair to support and healing classes just to be left to themselfs. And mmos are not about solo experience, they are a community game and without community in a game - it’s not just a lost ark.

Last Picture: Only the pally and me stayed.

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Not an issue at all. Even Support classes can finish chaos dungeons really easily. How about an dps spec?

Zero, why play with others at all if you can do it yourself?
I don’t have a problem finishing a cd - but I do enjoy the occasional grouping
And then I don’t get it why people need to queue up with others, just to leave after 2 rounds - are 2 mins really “too much” ? :x

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Exactly, there is lots of content out there which is tailored for group play which chaos dungeons are not really…

yeah that i dont get either

That is not the question. My question is, why are those guys queuing up with others, if you can easily solo it and cancel after the second floor without leaving anyone?

If you are queuing up with others, leaving early should be punished.

My guess would be that it increases chances of golden portal spawning or something because more people are playing, might be wrong though, anyway it’s not a big deal, just solo them and you’re good :slight_smile:

Golden Portal doesn’t help you much if you spent up your 2 auras, or is that it? you don’t spent your aura if you don’t finish it? Then it’s a bug

nah they do it after auras are allready gone

No, it can still spawn even after you spent your aura.

I didn’t mean that. I know it can spawn, but it doesn’t drop anything more than the usual stuff in a bigger quantity. You don’t get any more items than you would if you do stage 1 and 2.

you’re wrong, gold portal drops literally gold my friend :slight_smile:

okay, so that’s the secret behind why ppl don’t waste their time on 3

And there is the even rarer purple portal as well, which drops a lot of materials.

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yes like @Zeromar said there is also purple portal :slight_smile:

players get most the mats from first 2 floors then leave if there is no special portal and repeat. ever since I saw a youtube vid on it players have been leaving.

Ok so - queue up with 4 ppl gives a higher chance of spawning rare portals?

I don’t know about increased chances (might be?) but there is no portal after second stage so doing it is pointless for ppl chasing gold/purple portal

I can agree on that.

I dont know, i just do it solo. I can finish 2 floors 2 times in the same time as one completly finished chaos dungeon. Which results in about 1/3 more materials. And of course double the chance of an golden or purpel portal.

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