Chaos dungeon meta

Well the current meta on EUC is really horrible and makes me worried for the long term of the game. The last two weeks its been impossible to play a chaos dungeon in matchmaking.

Currently in all chaos dungeons (t3 espcially) players are playing up to floor two then leaving to get more shard of purification. Imho queing for something and never intending to finishing it is gameplay hinderance.

Making groups and doing it solo is a legit strategy, but queing with the intent to leave is not very good for when more players come and see this matchmaking meta.

Imo there needs to be a ruling if this is gameplay hinderance or not.


Wait so you can’t finish it if someone leaves?

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Ofc you can but, queing with the intent to not finish is something else. Its like the same why would you que mm if you intend to leave, cause its usally faster untill the guy that doesnt changes levels comes.

Some youtuber showed it off as “an efficient way to get more gold and mats!!”. It’s dumb that they would even run that strat in matchmake. But guess what if they added leave penalty for chaos dungeon? Complaints, complaints, complaints.

I personally don’t run chaos dungeon in match make, ever. But I can understand your frustration. Hope the people who are running “efficient” endless chaos will just solo it. It’s faster that way since the mobs have lower hp due to scaling.

I think it should be an unspoken rule if you do this. You solo queue.

Its super annoying for people thar actually want to group, because it always gets 3/4 vote then 5 seconds later someone leaves and you have to re-vote…just solo queue if you want to leave spam to farm boss portals

Doesn’t matter the 3rd level scales down to the party number so u can finish , idk why y bothered about some random player leaving at the end of second level , don’t punish anyone by doing it so

Yea… people that matchmaker just to leave at level 3… horrible … just go in solo if you going to speedrun

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Do you get more materials by taking more people? I spam solo.

I’ve never even tried to group for Chaos Dungeons…

Wait, can you even quit chaos dungeon pugs without a vote? holy shit

But yes, although this is more efficient, people shouldn’t do it in pugs imho

You actually get less, as your runs take longer (having to wait for the slowest PC to load + matchmaking time)

People do this because of the materials per time you get on both 3 floors. quiting after 2 floors is faster then doing the 3rd floor alone, that means that you can do the first 2 floors 2 times in the same amount of time it would take to do 1 entire 3rd floor run. Also, as you finish faster and re-enter faster, the chances of getting gold/red portals are higher.
This strat is recommended only if you have already done your 2 daily runs, and is farming the endless mats.

This is not really a problem as chaos dungeons are not really intended to be done in groups, as every class can clear it with ease. Why people are queueing for machmaking, idk, but no one is really forcing you to group up.

Why are you geouping for this ?? Its solo content and no benefit to group ? Can do a solo run in 3-4min

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Just do it solo like everyone else or only group with friends.

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Is annoying AF… many times have I seen people trying to kill everything in 1st and 2nd stage (even though portal has already appeared and vote activate) just to then leave cancelling the vote and wasting party’s time

if someone want leave, thats fine… just don’t drag the run just because you want a handful of extra items that you could easily get in the next stage if you have stayed

can we send those highly efficient “farmers” to the “solo” option too?

I mean the fact that the content can be soloed doesn’t mean that how the developer wants you to do it that way… after all, scaling is a thing and there is a matchmaking button so I highly doubt this is solo content