Chaos Dungeon needs time limit increased or removed

Let’s be honest our servers and internet are nowhere as good as Korea.

Today I did a chaos dungeon and I got DCed midrun and I quickly tried to relog (for whatever reason it takes over 5mins to run the game) and guess what… Yeah the run failed on stage 1 great because the time ran out…

Easily losing like 1k to 7k worth of drops on 1445 Chaos Dungeon and I’m salty as you can see, I don’t see any reason of adding a timer on a faceroll chaos dungeons besides causing players who dc salty and mad.

Pump any CM that can comment on this? This is literally going to be some nice QoL for players I don’t see a reason to not add it.

nah this don’t give them any money, so yeah.
I already lost 2x Valtan and multiple ghost ships because of this shitty system and they never do anything about it. Also just lost a Chaos Gate because the game DCs and I don’t get any loot/re-entry ticket…

I just find it weird how easy its to lose your run in this game, it’s ridiculous like why don’t they make it easier???

I got DCed again and lost my run seriously… I’m mad salty again, why is this chaos timer even there

The timer exists on sole reason of making you lose your entry if you lose your connection or your game crashes.

It literally serves no other purpose. Working as intended, what was your point?

WHAT?? and How is that a good thing??