Chaos Dungeon not dropping gear needed for T3

Hello there,

I know this is a well known issue but i wanted to report it again since there is no fix about it.

I’ve come up 1100 with one of my character and did my 4 chaos dungeon but didnt drop the 1302 gloves, so basically i am stuck and i cant have access to T3 content.

I think i speak for all players who are in then same situation than me, why don’t you allow us to buy the missing piece to the market so we can play ? KR/RU servers seems to be allowed to do so but not EU players.

It is not really logic to make a big update to give more honing materials to all players but not allow us to go through tiers above because they have bad luck.

It is also not really logic to let players shutdown the game because they cant progress with this system, i mean what kind of game wants players to leave the game ?

So here we are with all these questions, and it would be very nice to have a CLEAR answer about it, eventually a fix for all those players who just want to play the game

Thanks !