Chaos dungeon not dropping gear to access tier above few days a row

Hello there,

I know this is a well known issue but i wanted to report it again since there is no fix about it.

I’ve come up 1100 with one of my character and did my 4 chaos dungeon but didnt drop the 1302 gloves, so basically i am stuck and i cant have access to T3 content.

I think i speak for all players who are in then same situation than me, why don’t you allow us to buy the missing piece to the market so we can play ? KR/RU servers seems to be allowed to do so but not EU players.

It is not really logic to make a big update to give more honing materials to all players but not allow us to go through tiers above because they have bad luck.

It is also not really logic to let players shutdown the game because they cant progress with this system, i mean what kind of game wants players to leave the game ?

So here we are with all these questions, and it would be very nice to have a CLEAR answer about it, eventually a fix for all those players who just want to play the game

Thanks !


You can still progress, just not instantly. Keep playing and you will get there eventually. That’s the hole point of the game.
There is no fix needed in my opinion, because there is simply nothing broken.

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Yeah, I didn’t get a full T3 set my first day either. I did other stuff and completed the set the next day. It’s not the end of the world.

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There is a fix because its broken. In all other regions you can buy the gear for t3 on the auction house. We should never stuck in purgatory because we didn’t get an item drop. Thats the one thing in this game thats not heavily RNG based is getting gear to hone. Its completely valid to ask for the ability to purchase these items on the AH since the other regions have it. Makes no sense why we get restricted.

I agree its not a big deal, but it shouldn’t be a deal at all.


Happened to me a week ago, it was super stressful and took me 3 days to get all my parts.

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Hi Zeromar,

That is the all point : you cannot progress until you get all ur stuff. All the content like merchants, dungeons, raids etc

So basically if you have bad luck yes it is not the end of the world but well, all u can do is shutdown the game and wait tomorrow for better luck.

My question then, why people can’t just buy the missing stuff to have access T3 content like T1 or T2 tier. Btw KR/RU servers allow this so why EU dont ? Just wondering

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Sure, getting gear is progress as well. If you don’t get it today then tomorrow or the day after.
See I don’t care what other regions have, I like it the way it is handled here.
But hey everyone can have their own stance on that, hence why I said " in my opinion".


I don’t mind how it is right now, BUT when there is a chance you get stuck from progressing for a day, two days, and in rare cases 3 days… It feels super bad for the player. Other regions don’t have this issue, we do. All it is a needless negative player experience that can be easily fixed.

EDIT: and it won’t change the way you play the game at all. It will only make the game better for others.

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@Gilead Yes I am having this issue too. But for me it’s the Shard of Purification that is the problem, it never drops, and I can’t buy materials from the NPC next to Chaos Dungeon in Punika.

welcome at T3, you will now have only a chance not a guaranted drop.
enjoy T3, its endgame

This has nothing to do with t3 dude u are misunderstanding, honing is a thing yes u fail but u have then the opportunity to farm and try again.

This is different, I don’t drop the gloves so I can’t play the t3 and have this opportunity to farm,all I can do is wait and prey for luck

I’m surprised to see so many people answering to this topic just to say they don’t care and it is how it is

Others players deserves an answer better than just “deal with it”, especially when there is not much logic in the system

And BTW it happened to me for T2 but all I had to do is buy the missing piece to the market for 30gold, for t3 u can’t so u are legit screwed until next day

With the progression block before you get blue tier I don’t see why T2 and T3 aren’t guaranteed drops like T1.

Thank you for reminding me of this. It’s only a handful of gold and 1 pheon.

Still happening on April 12th. Stuck between t2 and t3 because one head piece didn’t drop. Very poor design and very shocking that I have not found a post that addresses this issue or a purposed solution on the way.

You know that aura replenish they gave in the login rewards? I thought it was a good ideia to save it for a character who didn’t drop all of the T3 gear.
I did, still didn’t drop all pieces on that day…absolutely no reason for this block on our version

+1 this still happening…fix it