Chaos dungeon nuisance

Is it a reportable offense if someone afks (away from keyboards) the first phase of Chaos dungeons as I have had this guy twice now in a row just sit and do nothing the first phase and then does something the second phase but instant leaves if its not a gold or red portal.

This right here. Is why most decent players. Do them alone.


technically yes you could argue it is a gameplay hindrance… but honestly… its chaos dungeons dude :joy: just solo them if it bothers you this much


true but it does not resolve the underlying issue

You can just report it. IIRC I read on forum somewhere someone said It’s considered as Game Hindrance

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will do then

As long as this is possible. DO NOT group queue chaos dungeons unless you like to risk your run being lost for the day.

I would like to know how you risk your run being lost? if they leave the run difficulty does go down my issue is by them being there and doing nothing they are leeching and making the run more difficult. I do not care that they leave my issue is that they leech by afking and we are carrying them.

Players can afk. You cannot progress to the next stage without them confirming. You can lose your entire run if one person decides to do this. The timer ticks down and there’s no way to get to the next level.

I accidentally queued into a group and someone did this for 4 minutes just to watch players get angry. So not only is it common, its VERY common because of how easy it is to have power over 3 other players. Especially because you could also do your chaos and group queue (losing nothing in the process).

ah yeah that is true as there is no kick function for afkers and not everyone has time like that to waste as well so yeah that is definitely an issue.

well… you’ll get trolls everywhere. but when it comes to chaos dungeons you can avoid that so easily by doing it solo like most of people. i agree that these afk trolls deserves to be punished but do you prefer to deal with them and ruin your experience cause you choose to go with randoms while you can just do it by yourself? you’ll only hate doing it. if you keep going with randoms.

I will agree and disagree not all randoms are bad but not all randoms play by the games rules and will take advantage of game mechanics since players can not vote kick in certain activities. Though if things like this get worse it might end up like korea where the matchmaking is dead and its only pre-made groups in party finder.

Sure it is an annoyance and some people for reasons unknown to us either malice or something happened and they had to run away from the keyboard for what ever emergency.

Would I be playing an MMO to play by myself? no I play it to play with other people. If I wanted to do more solo stuff I would play a single player game rather then an Online MMO.

well i understand that but chaos dungeon specifically is better for solo. i’m not telling you to run everything solo. at least do that one solo to avoid such people. and yeah of course not all of them are like that but it doesn’t mean they don’t exist. i don’t do everything solo just chaos dungeon the rest i do with my friends etc… also you can join a guild and that way you make new friends there and do things together that would help you in the long run in whatever you’re doing.

Any tier or more precise ilevel this this occur more often? Havent gotten into t3 until today, only noticed one time that one idled first stage, but completed it though. Ive even grinded beyond the two “rewarded” runs i have 4 alts seen my share of chaos. Am i just that lucky dodging them?

not sure though its not often but when it happens if your farming Chaos dungeon and you get them back to back to back it does become an annoyance.

you can ctrl+right click their name in the party to open up a GUI where you can “Warn” them and “Kick Vote” them (everyone in the party needs to Warn that person before you can vote kick)

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Ah good to know but when I clicked warn them it said something about an instance or incorrect instance or something like that.

warning failed player is in invalid area

it’s not a bannable offense. people have lives, something might have happenend, they could be on the phone, do whatever. happened once and you make thread for it?

why do you keep doing chaos with same guy then? just dont take them into party. there, solved.

Solo is faster

I did not party up with said individual I was doing matchmaking and I was being partied up though the ingame system not that I chose to be with 'em and it was the same thing nothing the first phase and then the second they would do something like you know attack rather then stand there and die.