Chaos Dungeon (people afk in chaos making you not be able to go through portals)

Anyone else have issues going into chaos dungeons with matchmaker just to get people who afk which then makes you lose out on your daily rewards for the chaos dungeons? feel like there should be a system implemented or something for that. and that you can report the person for going afk in one so they’ll get banned from entering for a few days. For this to be an mmo, some of the system mechanics are dumb and some of it makes no sense.

Hello @Paajx,

I’m sorry you’re playing experience was effected by few players who AFK’ed while into chaos dungeon.

i understand how this can effect your game play and also over-all experience I get where your coming from, rest assure i will be sure to pass this as a feedback to the DEV team so they are aware of this, thank you for bringing this to our notice :slight_smile:

Alternatively you can report a player by using the link below in-game or outside of game incase of any player who violates TOS -

i hope this information helps!