Chaos Dungeon Red Portal Bug/Freezing

I used my Aura of Resonance and got a red Chaos Dungeon portal. When I loaded in my game froze. I relogged on and was stuck in the Chaos Dungeon loading screen and eventually the game crashed. I logged on again and was back in the normal world. I lost the Aura and the red portal. I am seeing others facing similar issues. Is there going to be any compensation for this? Pretty disappointed that this is happening.

this is a known issue, doubt we’ll get compensation for it, can understand how it got through QA since it’s not supper common since it only happens on the red portal and pretty sure it’s only 1 of the bosses that causes it since i have had several red portals that didn’t cause me to freeze.

we can hope that it’s just high on their priority list of things to fix 'cus it is quite annoying and frustrating.

Hi folks,

Thank you for being part of the community, I’m so sorry to hear that your server crashed loading the dungeon.

I understand how frustrating is to get disconnected in the middle of an activity. In this case, we don’t have a way to re-grant daily or weekly entries to content manually, we have a system that takes care of this type of situations in order to provide the ticket back in very specific scenarios, we can’t guarantee that you will be receiving a ticket, I apologize for the inconvenience.

This is the original post with more information about this known case:

Cheers. :balloon:

Just encountered this issue. My three other party members and I all disconnected when we loaded in the red portal. Sucks that we lost our aura, the rewards, and won’t receive any compensation for it. :confused: Imagine how excited you are to encounter a red portal in a long time, only to have this happen.

Just as an FYI in case it wasn’t made known to the team, it appears it only occurs during the Lujean spawn. I believe all of the other red portal bosses are fine.

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Thank you so much for the information provided @KTCAOP :sparkles:,

Every detail you and all players provide to us is a huge help for us in the understanding and solution of this issue,

I’ll make sure to share and escalate your comments with my team for the further research on this case,

I really appreciate all the collaboration and patience,

Hope you have a wonderful rest of your week. :leaves:

Had this happen a second time. Quite annoying. As mentioned by others, seems to only be in the South Vern dungeon. Got a Red Portal on my Sorc in Punika, and never had it happen.