Chaos dungeon red portals

have the red portals been removed from chaos dungeons? Running them on 6 toons a day and haven’t seen one in over a month. Even doing infinite on my main maybe 10 times a day

no just get better rng

i got one two days ago. but those and gold sure dont seem to spawn as much as im used to. probably just bad RNG rather than nerf.

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Chaos dungeon has been nerfed again. :angry:

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I get 2 or 3 gold portals every day most of the time. Haven’t seen a red portal in a while either.

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had one yesterday

I have had one in each gear tier (1, 2, 3) last reset running 9 characters in chaos. Keep at it you will get one soon.

Had 3-4 gold portals and 1-2 red portals yesterday on my 13 Character Roster.

They are still in, had 1 yesterday on my 7 sets of chaos dungeons.