Chaos Dungeon Relic drops? This is a chaos dungeon at 1445. - these are the rewards we are expected to get.

Does the 1470 one at least drop all relic stuff and not 1 piece if you are lucky?

Genuinely curious. I feel like release week I got tons of relic stuff, and now I’m lucky to get 1 piece.

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its normal that you only drop 1-3 each dungeon. and yes the 1470 drops more relics but not that much and also the legendary ones.

Thanks for the answer. I expected it to be like every other chaos dungeon in the game and get the rewards shown for the chaos dungeon. Like when you run the 1400 chaos dungeon, you don’t get purple drops, etc.

The rewards screen tells what you can get UP to, not what you ONLY get. As you go further up the lower quality stuff gets pushed off for the higher quality. Like when you unlock purple accessories in the first chaos dungeon, you will still get blues with an occasional purple. Go up one notch and now you see less blues and more purples and so on. Same applies at relic level, first relic tier at 1445 you’ll still see MOSTLY legendary with a few relics and then the next one up, see a bit less legendary and a few more relic drops.

Its worked this way at every tier. T1 and T2 wasn’t as noticable as you progressed pretty quickly up and the blue/purples were only for the first 4 chaos’s while the last 4 were almost always legendary.

But the rewards list only shows what you can get UP to, not what you only get.

For me its not the amount but the quality of those drops

The expected rewards are scams basically. U expect to get all relics with the good stuff, but it’s not the case 99% of the time

For some reason those become distorted at legendary and above. I accumulate rested because rested bonuses match the expected rewards more than the regular ones

Ums, at least u got 1. I got 0 relics in 4 runs on 1 hero and 1 relic in 4 runs on 2nd hero from 1415 and 1445 chaos dungeons. Something changed these past 2 days ?

Wrong, Chaos Dungeon is bugged. :rage:

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Now try and explain what the word expected means. It’s curious to know who thought putting that word and not chance of instead was a brilliant idea. I do enjoy getting 1100 gear in a 1340 guardian raid though, completely worth.

OP, sadly the big brain devs thought words have zero meaning and their RNG variance is literally 0-100 so “expect” garbage and you won’t be disappointed.

It’s a common layering trick. It’s the same reason this game only has 3 useful stats.
They clutter up the rolls with garbage to make it more difficult to get what you want.
This goes for engravings also.

Essentially this. Pretty standard practice in pretty much ANY looter type game. You have the garbage stats that will never be good and only act as filler garbage.