Chaos dungeon secret rooms not spawning

Is it just me or have the spawn rates of chaos dungeon secret rooms dropped? I saw one today and that was the first in over a week. 2 chars, 2 chaos dungeons daily.

Do you know how RNG works? Apparently no.


My friend pops them out left, right and center with doing them on only one character.
I have just had my first red portal in +2 weeks or so and gold is like every week once at least, doing them with two characters. RNG is RNG I guess.

It’s just RNG. I feel like it’d be out of the ordinary if I didn’t see one for more than a few days, it feels like at least one out of the 12 chaos runs has a secret room.

that’s what i’m saying though. it’s been so long. was there any mention of a reduced spawn rate recently? lol i used to get them every few days.

i have this feeling smileHate lowered them stealthily to combat the ridiculous amount of bot chaos dungeon farming. dunno.

I see we’re getting primed to move onto the next conspiracy since they confirmed drop rates were all in people’s heads.


People getting above-average RNG → That’s perfectly fine and natural.
People getting normal or below average RNG → OMG RIGGED! It’s bugged or they nerfed it!!

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Quick ! Take sreenshots and clips !

I’m kidding, you just seem to have bad luck for now.
The only thing i really remember in chaos are those portals and for now they are still appearing at the same frequence.

Since this game has 0 integrity with the amount of bots it currently has , they should just buff the RNG to keep consumers happy. Why would you even try to grind for hours when you can just RMT 10k gold for a few bucks (not get punished for it). Just give players more reasons to play this game instead of putting obstacles to their faces that make them resort to RMT.

Literally got 2 gold portals back to back on 1 of my alts, so its just copium.

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Its completly rng. Today i get 5 portals total in 7 characters. But honestly? The chance at least in tier 3 is not too low. It’s not uncommon for me to pick up a few portals a day.

it must just be my bad luck. did my chaos again today and nothing. there’s always tomorrow!

Make bard alt. This little fucker always gets red portals like I have nothing better to do than sitting there for 5 mins to kill the boss.

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i feel like they are definitely nerfed in 1300+ cause i have not see any in 3 weeks
meanwhile i pop into my t2 alt and i see one every other day

actually probably more like 6week now

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I run them daily on 6 characters, they still spawn, just crap rates.

So if it feels crappy to me doing 12 a day im sure it feels non existant to folks with 1 character.

Last three days, 10 chaos dungeons:
Day 1: 3 golden portals
Day 2: 1 golden, 1 boss
Day 3: 1 golden

Seems like its working

I got Daily 3 Purple and 5-8 Golden in 50 Runs so they still exist

O look yet another rng is against me topic

I’ve not gotten anything good out of gold/purple portals since the first month. I used to get maze skin set boxes and other things I could AH, now it’s just shards, gold, etc…

Devs never buff RNG, only nerf. If they accidentally buffed RNG it would be an immediate maintenance and hotfix.