Chaos dungeon Tier 3 merchant shard - insane cost

Did anyone notice that items at Tier 3 at Chaos merchant have increased cost each time you buy them?

For example, 1st buy is 10 tokens, 2nd buy 60 tokens, 3rd buy 130 tokens etc.

This is absolutely ridiculous.

At Tier 1/2 tab, all items have same cost, but why on Earth do they have so high cost at Tier3 that each time you buy, cost increase more and more???


Its current tier content you can run as much as you want. its not suppose to be free handouts like t1/t2 where

New people reaching T3 need to get in mind T3 is much slower to progress. Smaller and smaller honing rates, less drops on chaos and guardians, and harder chaos shop. Now its a true grind onward. You’ll spend weeks just to progress one item after 1370.

By the way be prepared for honing rates with more failure than sucess.

T3 is endless. Do you want to do that for 365 days? T1T2 is just a passage for people who can’t stand a day or a week.

Im confused why you are upset. The previous vendors had a weekly limit, this one has no real limit. Hence the price increase as a weekly soft cap

you completely missed the point.
first of all, it has a limit, and its weekly. he is talkin about the npc vendor where you trade the shards of purification you farm in infinite dungeons.

Tier 1 and tier 2 have fixed prices on the cost of the materials you buy with the shards.
Tier 3 instead, have the price increase with each item you buy, lets say your first great honor leapstone cost 310 shards, the second one you buy costs 360 shards, and so on. Increasing exponentially.

First of all… you necro’d a month old thread to try to correct someone? Really?


thats why its batshit insane that amazon thinks were gonna be 1415 in 2 weeks :rofl: :joy:. There is literally no chance in hell valtan gets released at the start of may. Theyre in damage control mode right now, and they arnt trying to have another argos incident

Uh, literally everyone in this thread above you is talking about the vendor, who has no limit. The exponential cost is in return for the unlimited materials.

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While I can’t speak for whether we’ll be at Valtan in may on average, that chart is completely meaningless and wrong. You can’t upgrade 1302 gear above +15 (item level 1370). Once you hit 1370 you have to transition to a new set which starts at +6, meaning your honing success chance increases significantly.

That’s the issue with using month-old data.

it gets much easier after 1370, it took me less than two weeks going from 1370 to 1400 with no alts

This graph is completely wrong, once you hit 1370 you craft a new set of gear and go back to high honing % rates. +15 is 1415

Hes just spreading misinformation, you cant even go above +20 unless its ancient quality gear and our current set at +20 is 1490.

Not sure what youre trying to correct since I didnt say anything incorrect

dude this is the trend amongst the doomsayers. They’re trying to necro super old posts from months ago to point out issues that have long since been resolved / squared away lol.

you are saying that the vendor has no limit.

this : “Im confused why you are upset. The previous vendors had a weekly limit, this one has no real limit. Hence the price increase as a weekly soft cap”

it has a limit, its a weekly limit at tier 3 with increased cost for each purchase. Thats all im saying.

Read it again. I said no real limit but a soft cap due to price increase, as in its basically impossible to buyout the vendor. Honestly I think its actually impossible.

Youre literally just saying what Im saying

I was saying why complain about a vendor being better.

in t1 and t2 you cant buy 99x of each item :slight_smile: