Chaos dungeons are bugged

chaosdungeon bug
This is not normal , i only got that amount of crystals for 2 1475 chaos dungeons when usually i get the double of that , there is a problem somewhere this isnt normal

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I’ll see if I can get some clarification on this for you.

Looks pretty normal… Over 1k guardianstones for 2 runs Chaos is only when both runs are rested

this is why u need an army of alts.

No, I do my chaos everyday and before I had 1k guardians without rested

I was definitely not getting 1000 guardian stones in a single run before. Maybe in two runs on a lucky day, but absolutely not in one.

That’s what Im saying, before I would get 1000 total with 2 runs, but on the screen here is the total of the 2 runs I did today, I only got half of what I get usually

Im pretty sure you get that much. It’s 1k stones with daily guradians.