Chaos dungeons are not bugged, but definitely shadownerfed

I used to get and explosion of loot, ever since the ark pass only thing that drops is a couple thousand silver or a couple guardian stones, boss rush tickets and cube were severly diminished too, was this a shadow nerf so people behind wouldnt be left behind?

Used to get more than 2 tickets per week enough to finish weeklies on main, not anymore, on alts is the same story, 6 alts and the difference is notable, but people dont notice since we practically do these repetitive content in airplane mode.

Hope some people can chime in with some numbers.


I was streaming a bit yesterday and the 2nd floor boss dropped only 1 thing: Boss rush ticket.

I was actually surprised to see that after having never seen that prior to yesterday.

As far as I’m aware is it a bug that korea also had after the last ark pass we just got. Tbh i dont think it will be fixed until smile gate patch it out natrually.

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Man, why can’t you ppl stop opening these threads.

Just mental.


You dont have to reply on them lol.


Is it the same person(s)? If not… Then maybe they’re on to something? Is it some kind of conspiracy theory that they’re all in on?

Just ignore the posts instead of telling everybody they are false…

I am on the same way as them and not only for chaos… They did drastically downed the drop rates of everything worth gold… stopped getting craft kits since now 20 days… while I used to get 1-3 each week


They would likely tell us they checked everything for “bugs” while not talking about any shadownerfs. This IS ags we’re talking about.

They have to earn that trust back after using some sleaze tactics

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Boss rush tickets are guaranteed once per week and I have never got more than 2 boss rush tickets in a week so you are just lucky.

Strange its been raining tickets on all mine

if chaos dungeons were nerfed it would have been smilegate, any information about it being not bugged would also come from them as ags doesn’t actually have anyone that works directly on changes inside the game, they just work on managing our version and working with eac to keep anticheat table up to date.

i don’t think ags had done the best job with this title (how they handled summoner was a complete joke) but i can’t blame them if any kind of shadow nerf to chaos dungeons had happened as they’d just tell us what smilegate is telling them.

i also don’t notice any changes in what i’ve gotten from chaos dungeons, certain bosses have always given me little loot post 1370.

ah shit here we go again

That single item drop was on my 1340 Shadowhunter and I just laughed. I was like … holy shit, those forum freddies might actually be onto something.

I didn’t get a single gold bar not even the 100g ones from Unas Task weekly for 3 weeks in a row now. I don’t know the rates but before I got multiple in a single week. Idk, my rng is kinda bad in this game.

I have gotten it multiple weeks in a row so ur just unlucky.

you can’t complain it’s a f2p game, buy materials from the shop /s

I got cube ticket, boss rush ticket, and a leapstone from boss yesterday.
Variance has literally always been thre.

There is no bug.
There is no nerf.

Just stop with these stupid tin foil hat posts.

If you want it adjusted and dont feel its FAIR, thats FINE.
But stop making this loophole conspiracy.

Next thing people are gonna complain good accessory RNG is bugged.
Or guild vendor punika entrance ticket is nerfed just because all you ever get is silver.
Where does it end?


In my personal observations I’ve noticed around 50% variance in chaos dungeon loot, there are days where my 1370 characters earn up to 10% more materials than my 1400 one.

If anything variance can be toned down a little for more consistent rewards.

Also delete the Tier 3 chaos dungeon vendor, we don’t need bots selling 1445 accessories day 1.

Accessories are not tradeable through chaos dungeon vendor.

Yes he does.