CHAOS DUNGEONS drops nerfed again after this patch?

Hello all,

I noticed a significant nerf to the usual chaos dungeons drops with Aura of Resonance active but with no Rest Bonus.

Any confirmation?


P.S. 1 - At least a 30% reduction on the amount of drops from my data, please confirm.

P.S. 2 - My observations refer mainly to Tier 3 Chaos Dungeons loot, although the gold nerf from GOLD/PURPLE rooms apply to all tiers.


I noticed this as well. I can’t confirm it but drop rates definitely felt lower.


feels the same to me


Are they secretly ninja nerfing mats from chaos dungeon and guardian raid?


half the time when i kill the big boss on stage two it drops nothing or like 50 shards…quite ridic.


Probably to get people to buy the pass

I think this is an anti-bot measure, reducing the loot from chaos dungeons because bots do endless chaos dungeons runs but this is hurting badly the real players…

One of these days only bots will play this game.

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Why yall ninja nerf us?
@Roxx @TrevzorFTW


I have the pass, feels normal to me.

Imagine not having the pass.


If they want to curb the bot farming infinite chaos dungeon, they should nerf the currency drop that used for the exchange, not the honing mats that you get with 2x aura of resonance.



Me too, felt like it got 30%-50% reduction and was thinking if it was just me or not. I’m keeping my eye on the drops across all my alts.

Kinda crap if it is though, should’ve been in the patch notes.

@Roxx @TrevzorFTW Could you guys confirm?
Good to keep things transparent :slight_smile:

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I didn’t bother to pay attention this time but I have multiple screenshots of drop averages so I can recheck at reset.

That said, ninja nerfs are not uncommon so its very good to test a bunch of things ingame to catch them. AGS did it a lot in New world btw.


The first Chaos Dungeons loot nerf I noticed was on the Golden/Purple rooms loot, with Gold reduced by at least 50% some 4 weeks ago…

Now the loot nerf is more obvious on the Named mobs in second and third room and the Mini-Boss that spawns at the end of second room.

Your feedback is important, thanks for it.


ninja nerfs not on patch notes wooo spicy can CMs confirm or deny o.O

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I also noticed these nerfs out of patches, during normal week cycle after server maintenance.

It was buffed a 15%, what are you talking about?

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Haven’t noticed anything on 5 characters…
If they nerfed something, then weeks ago.

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Are you referring to the reward screen at the end of the chaos dungeon? I felt weird when I saw the reward screen after patch today… But I realized it was because the Naruni tokens got taken out

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Not the reward screen, I mean the normal loot that drops from all mobs across the Chaos Dungeons.