Chaos dungeons into chaos line/ 6 raids account

i heard about the potential changes to the game and some options might be changing dailies and chaos dungeons? that brought me here.

If the game were to change the chaos dungeon to 1 time a day for example, i think it might be worth looking into changing them into chaos line type of dailies instead.

chaos dungeons right now feel like you just land somewhere and hoards come at you then you go into the portal and do it all over again mindlessly.

what i was thinking was if we changed chaos dungeon dailies to chaos line types of dungeons, where the hoards are faster, harder, stronger, and there’s gates and keys and you use those keys to get to the next zone and finally fight the boss. i was thinking gold rooms could still exist when entering a gate room and their could be a miniboss/ mobs or gold punching bag. maybe trap puzzles to dodge to get to the next zone. i was hoping those traps might mess with the bots from being able to farm those dungeons. what do you think?

what about 6 raids per account instead of 1 per character +5 alts. checkbox for bonus reward 1 time per raid , and reduced rewards/gold on the other runs. i know im going to hear about alts being a gold sink… thats why i mentioned reduced rewards. i feel like the game wants you to just be able to run the raids multiple times so thats why they give out powerpass, event gems, event tripods, event engravings. if theyre gonna do all that might as well just let players run the raids on their main if they want. this could be good for new players too, they can run multiple times a week to learn the mech faster right off the bat vs running it once and waiting a week to try again and burning out before even making 6 alts

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