Chaos Dungeons Not Dropping Correct Accessories

I continue to get rare quality accessories from the 1340 chaos dungeons. This has happened many times and is easily repeatable.

Please fix it.

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Screenshots for proof.

Screen showing the rewards:

Queue Prompt with view of bag:

Bag after 1 run with rewards:

This appears to be happening in other tiers and levels as well.

I don’t understand why this is getting no attention. Chaos is a major part of daily gameplay.

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Well, it seems it’s only a chance to drop that level of accessory, you usually get a tier lower if you’re in 1340-1355 or 1370.

1370 dungeon drops both epic and legendary tripod armor.

I haven’t observed this behavior until recently. Also it listed the “Expected Rewards”. The 1100 accessories aren’t in the table.

It would make no sense to keep getting 1100 accessories up to 1370.

The UI tells us what to expect. Yorn Level 4 tells us to expect 920 accessories, but continues to reward 840 ones. I’ll have to go to the AH to get 920 accessories, which is not what the game intends.

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It just can’t be intended, and if it is, it’s dumb shit at best. Why do i get 1100 item from 1340 content still. Both Igrexion and 1355 chaos dungeon drop 1100 accessories.

I realize my disappointment was due to a misunderstanding of the UI. It’s not telling us what we’re likely to get as drops within the dungeon, it’s telling us what the possible rewards are at the end of the dungeon. Oops. Nevermind.