Chaos Dungeons Potions/Death

This is just a personal opinion but I think what I have seen gradually become a common practice is just dying in a chaos dungeon rather than actually consuming a potion because potions cost money.

However, taking the L and dying in a chaos dungeon really has no meaningful detrimental effect, because this is supposed to be simple daily content.

I think a good quality of life change would just be that potions in Chaos dungeons are either not consumed outside of the dungeon, or alternatively just having a special potion used in chaos dungeons.

This is not sour grapes or a massive change, or even something that matters all too much. I just think it would be a nice quality of life change to fix what otherwise feels like a rather clunky game mechanic. (Dying because the repair cost is less than the potion cost)

no i use potion, they cost nothing at all.


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Yeah it’s not a big deal at the end of the day. But it does feel clunky the act of using a potion when you can otherwise just take the L to get through the dungeon.

tbh…considering how much silver it costs to hone later in the game. Both potions and dying in chaos dungeons are bad juju.