Chaos Dungeons Queues (Lowest Tier) Queues Getting Quite Long

So, I’m quite a casual player, and don’t get to play as often as I’d like. I’m JUST NOW getting around to leveling up my 3rd alt, and I’ve noticed that the queue times for the North Vern Chaos dungeons are taking well over 5min consistently, whereas the higher tiers (and even the lower ones earlier on in the games release) were almost instant. Would it be a worth-while option to possibly offer higher level players green/blue engraving books (of their choice) for helping to complete these dungeons? That would dramatically reduce queue times, help out the slow players (like me), and also offer the higher-up players incentives for doing so. Any thoughts?

do it solo, grab some preemptive strike and you’re good to go.


I don’t remember the last time I actually queued for a Chaos dungeon… I’ve done them solo for so long. Even on supports it’s quicker to solo it then wait for 3 other people to click buttons…

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I’ve been doing this now consistently as well. MUCH easier than waiting. Didn’t realize just how much they scaled with only a single player. Now for low-level guardian solos, like Flame Fox, god she is annoying.

Go solo if you’re in lower tiers