Chaos Dungeons reduced loot. Proof from KR

So, people noticed since last patch 21/04/22 that the Chaos Dungeons were dropping lees loot.

Some were saying it was just RNG, others calling stupid some players, others showing proof from 1 month ago streams to proof that the loot was the same.

So, time travel back to KR when the same patch dropped (I’ll call it Ark Pass patch from now)

7/7/21 the ARK Pass update dropped in KR: wednesday, july 7 update history guide (add content) | lost arc - announcements (
21/4/22 our ARK Pass dropped EU/NA.

Same thing happened, in KR players were reporting same as here, that they noticed less loot in T3 chaos dungeons.

If we check the KR patch, they touched the T1 and T2 systems, and changed a bit the Chaos Dungeons entry levels on Punika.

This is just to add some context, because the patch didn’t say they touched anything for T3 Chaos Dungeons.


Next day, 8/7/21, Smilegate did a post and updated the problem about the Chaos Dungeons and brought data for the players:

chaos dungeon reward drop problem improvement schedule announcement | lost arc - announcements (

Notice that the data it’s from the South Vern 3 chaos dungeon, the last one, that one players are complaining.
They noticed it just 1 day later and fixed it on the next day and rewarded the players 3 aura of resonance potions (for just 1 day missing proper loot)

So, I don’t know what makes the same problem, but it seems the ARK pass it’s the common thing

Anyways, I just wrote this post to clarify things and please, try to reach Smilegate to further inspect it. I already saw some post from Mods saying this was not a problem, but I just want to bring more things and try to reach Smilegate to double check the problem if possible. Maybe they slipped the same wrong code that “nerfed” the loot

Anyone commenting of this post, keep it civilizated. It may or may not be a bug, but anyways we don’t have the data nor the ability to confirm anything

Just ping because I think it’s important to reach Smilegate directly @Roxx @Maselbart @TrevzorFTW @Shadow_Fox


wow nice work

Wish i would have taken a picture or been recording but just ran a punika sun lvl 3 with rested bonus and the boss dropped me 9 guardian crystals and 54 honor shards

This shit may all be in my head but seriously feels like something is off and if it happened in the korean version its definately plausible it hsppened in ours because it seems like they are using old builds for our version.

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Bump, made the same thread yesterday but got no traction. Seems like ppl don’t care enough

please look at and respond to this CM’s

Today I did a screenshot of the loot from the boss:

Seems like the loot it’s RNG. Other times I got way less stones. Can you guys share your drops?

I thought I was going crazy a few weeks ago when it seemed like average chaos dungeon loot was declining. After 5? Weeks of 1385, I finally pushed to 1400 today and how about that, both bosses gave me a total of 5 guardian stones, 48 honor shards.

With the anecdotal but also large amount of reports on this, it’s time you guys own up to the fact that you did this on purpose.

I’d rather be told “we’re slowing down t3 progression so that players don’t max out, get bored, and quit” than be gaslit by silence, and hassled by fanboys saying “RnG iS rNg”

  1. Run
    Killed Boss on Stage 2 → Boss Rush and Cube Ticket.
  2. Run
    Killed Boss on Stage 2 → 4 Guardian Stones.

1340 chaos dungeon 1 run
14 destruction 130 guardian
isn’t this too much to be nerfed?


1400 chaos dungeon 2 runs 384 guardian stone (cant even do a single honing on my alt with that amount of guandian stone)

i definetly have the same issue, i get much less loot from the last chaos dungeon (1400) than prepatched version… i usually don’t complain in forums, just “waiting it out, till things get sorted out and done”, but i was just doin my both runs and i basically got so less materials that i consider skipping theese runs for the sake of time. actually i am pretty angry lol

any update on this mods ?

Been hearing and reading about this allegation and when I was low on my honor shards on my main and alts started getting low too, I started monitoring how much actually dropped from chaos dungeons in T3 at ilvl 1422, 1340, 1370 etc so kind of across the T3 spectrum except early T3. This is a small sample size, but I legit got ~3k honor shards total from 2 runs of chaos dungeons with no rested exp over 8 chaos dungeons.

This clearly is a stealth nerf or just a straight up bug. This is essentially allowing 1-2 taps of hones per day assuming you have no honor shards to start with. Hope this gets attention and fixed.

Absolutely reduced!
Just made it to T3 recently and have run T3 8 times and not a single shard or orb (for the chaos exchange vendor). And leapstones seem rare.
I did get lots of armor and weapons.
(I do chaos alone)

Didn’t they say they are looking at an issue simular to KR? Roxx said something about it here:

I see you did not get any exchangeable items (for the chaos exchange vendor). Is anyone getting those? I reached T3 recently and in 8 runs I have not gotten even one exchange item? I would think at least a few perception shards would drop?

UPDATE: Ran another two runs T3 chaos. Last one I did get the exchange items (shards, orbs). I ran the last one with no remaining aura or rest balance? Not sure if that is a coincidence but adding it in case it provides a clue.

Those only drop after you have done your dailies. Those are the infinite chaos drops. You should have them ones you are out of resonance.

When you do more research than ASG or Smilegate lawl. Nice work

I started nothing when I didn’t drop as many gems. Like 3 lvl1 per run?