Chaos gate bosses not dropping rift shards

every time there is a chaos gate i do not get rift shards. multiple bosses per gate will not drop a single rift shard. why am i getting scammed and how do i fix it

Hello @goldriverisascammer,

Hope you are doing well.

Thank you for bringing this issue to our attention.

The best way to help you would be contacting support through chat by clicking on :arrow_double_down:

That way we can receive the pertinent information to help you with this.

Be sure to have your Dxdiag logs ready in case they ask for them so that they can submit a ticket for the developers to check if needed:

To pull Dxdiag logs please:

  1. Press Windows Key + R and type: dxdiag and hit ‘Enter’ key
  2. Click “Save All Information”
  3. Select the file location and save it.

Hope this helps. :magic_wand:

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do you deal enough dmg to them

no i just sit in every gate afk. ofc im doing dmg what else am i gonna be doing in there???

have same problem. i can just hit them one time and thats it and get shards or hit them ALOT and get nothing. and most times i get NOTHING!