Chaos gate game crush

Today at 16:00 server time, wasted a Punika’s chaos gate boss daily event, which terminated with an client crash. Takes 5 damn minutes to reload the game and event obviously was over and ticket wasted (no rewards of course!).

Prevent system to consume ticket at the beginning of any event or do something about reimbursement players.

Hello, @sagristax, and Welcome to the Lost Ark forums!

I’m really sorry to know what happened while you were in that daily event, and I really appreciate you took the time to share the experience with us.

The dev team is currently investigating a permanent fix to mitigate the impact of this, and all as always, the feedback is greatly appreciated.

If I can help you with something else let me know, stay safe!

Same issue here. As I was aproaching 1st mini boss game crushed I did not got single item.
Now its says I clamed something?! Really?!

This thing is still an issue.
This game crushes like 3-4 times per day and it gets more and more frustrating as we lose stuff that we can only get once per day.