Chaos gate map reward bug (image proof)

So for the past few weeks I have not been getting all 4 pouches of life shards from my tier 2 chaos gates. I reported this bug once before but this time I managed to get some images of me not getting all Pouches. This has gone from being an uncommon bug to a pretty frequent one and its pretty frustrating =/

Oh no! I’m sorry this is happening to you, Tokijen.

What is your character name and your server name?

server name - regulus
user - geohdude

Thank you!

I’ll send this straight up to the development team for you.

what does that even do? honestly? Ive been told this before but is the dev team even aware of this? or even care? for players who pay its not a big deal, but as someone who is free to play, i need every gold i can get, especially with the limited ways of farming gold…