Chaos Gate Maps are bugged


I ran maps with friends today. The t1, t2 and t3 maps you get from Chaos Gate and can also buy with rift pieces.

Can you please let me know if there has been a randomization on the pouches and stars that drop? It used to be always : Blue - 1 pouch, Purple - 1 pouch and Gold - 2 pouches.

We did 2 gold maps. From 1 we got 1 and from the other we got 2 with a mix of stars between all 4 of us.
We then did a purple and I got only 2 stars and no pouch.
We tried again on video with a Feiton t2 and we each got a different number of stars.

It always used to be the same, now its not. Is this a permanent change or a bug? I’m missing about 5 pouches now.


nothing is bugged, rewards are always random and can variate from 1-3 pouches sometimes more you never know. There is no set amount, there is bad RNG and good RNG that can happen on items. Because you got most of the time 2 pouches doesn’t agree to give you that on every map.

hope this message helped you a bit to understand how it works :slight_smile:

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Hi. Thank you but you are wrong.

I have made over 200k gold by running maps from the start of the game to today.
Pouches and stars breath have ALWAYS been the same. The only random one is the books/gems you get.
Please also go google ‘Chaos Gate map is bugged’ and you will find similar posts to mine.