Chaos gate player distribution

Currently player distribution in chaos gates is nonexistent. It just fills players up to 30 then probably new instance is created where the rest is put. So basically more than 30 players waiting for chaos gate but u are put in a one with 2 players. Lost entrance. Can u at least do not count entrance until first boss is cleared?

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If it happens again next time, try what he wrote, Song of Escape out of there without moving and checking player count first

If there is 30 players waiting noone would check number of players before moving.

After entering and the loading screen, there will be a short “cutscene” where you see the gate a bit before you can start moving. The few seconds at the start where the cam rotates with voice lines

Just check during that time if the player count is 2/30 or 30/30 and decide to escape or proceed