Chaos Gate Rewards

I got into my chaos gate (960) as usual, i was like 10 seconds late compared to all other people but still managed to enter normally. Killed mobs, damaged pillars and helped with all the mid-bosses. I had low hp reaching last boss but i still managed to damage him, before he hit and killed me. I respawned normally, since there are portals there was no need for me to use plume. Reached boss again and managed to do one last skill before the boss died. Received blue maps and other minor rewards, and prepared auction house market in case there were any books instead of the legendary map. But auction never apperead to me, i saw people in chat spamming for price etc but i was the only one not seeing anything. At the end everybody left. I thought it could’ve been just a visual bug and i thought i’d receive my share of gold via mail like usual, but found nothing there too. I don’t need compensation for this single time, just fix this. Thanks in advance.