Chaos gate scam

chaos gate scam

this is done just now, some party member forgot to turn on enter as 4 map feature

and when we about to open 2nd map, other party member just leave and said:

sry i have to do raids with guild

i check his item lvl 1430…

wow really? u scam for a simple purple map? LOL i gues he needs that money for valtan hard mode

Post his name lets roast him :rage:

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thats the thing i forgot to screenshoot

and his chat got disappear because alot of spam area chat

And how exactly did he “scam” you?

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^ Found the scammer!

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he scam my party? since he just got reward and not spending his map

so 1 less reward, since its only 3/4 map

How could he not open his map? After last big update they literally added QoL feature that requires everyone sharing their map and when some1 opens 1 of these 4 maps, all 4 maps are being consumed and you get rewards 4 times


Hmm, but he left after the first map, right?

If he rejected entry and left you still have your maps in inventory

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i allready explain, one of my party forget to enable that feature

we planning to activate it on 2nd map

but he just runs away and saying he needs to do raids with his guild

while he can just spend 2-5 more min

yes he left after first map

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How can you disable/enable it tho. Isn’t it implemented all time.

Why would ilvl matter when it comes to map scamming lol? A con artist who is 1490 is still gonna scam u if he can

Ahhh, ok. After seeing your explanation it makes more sense. I haven’t used the map share feature yet.

That sucks. Luckily he didn’t get more than 1 map from your group.

And u didn’t report it or post him name at least??

u need to turn on the check list, by default its off

It says that each player “can submit” a map for the one map dungeon run.

I have been saving my maps ever since this update… so people can opt out of using their maps when everyone else can use theirs? Is it some kind of check box?

U can turn the feature on or off

it basicly u only need to enter 1 and get reward from 4 people in party

so u dont have to repeat 4 times

Oh I knew the QoL part about it. I was confused by the fact that people can choose to not do it so that it leaves the opportunity for scammers to do their thing.