Chaos gate's / events

Did you know you can run chaos gate and some other events every day, even thought they aren’t showen in the calendar?
The key thing is to check prewies day in calendar and you will see that there is small window where chaos gate is run for like 5 hours after midnight …
And I ask why ?
Is it that big of a deal to make it run every hour for this kinda of event ?
I dont mind the small events like islands ect. or the ghost ship (even tho its kinda same strory)
Ether make it not able to run it that day (from reset time to another one) or just make it run thought the day for normal people and not for vampires …

this only happens for NA servers and is a bug im guessing

I am on EU

reset doesnt happen until 11am. anything after midnight is still on same lockout as the day before

Yea I know the reset is at 11 am.
I mean the time the chaose gate can be done.

Chaos gate was active on the 7th so the spawns between 00:00 and 05:00on the 8th are still tied to the 7th reset if you did it at any time during that day u cant repeat it

Oh I get it now I thought it meant its after midnight that day