Chaos Gates - NA Server disconnection

I’m in the NA server Akkan. I was doing a Chaos Gate in Punika and was disconnected from the server by the time I was able to log back in the Chaos Gate has finished. I wasn’t able to get any of the rewards and I can’t enter another Chaos Gate for the day.

There was just a maintenance a few hours ago to finish connection issues, but its still happening.

Yeah :frowning:
Thankfully I waited just long enough before having one of my daily items burned yet again due to these server issues. The CM’s here have said that they will be giving out gifts again to make up for all these crashes. A lot of people have been complaining about it and saying they have no luck submiting a ticket for lost tickets/aura/etc.

Looks like they still haven’t figured out the fix yet…

This is still happening to me on Valtan, even after the fix.