Chaos Line weekly quest doesn't appear

Like in the title, I completed everything needed for the quest to appear but it doesn’t. Should I wait for the next week or is it a bug?


the Chaos line weekly is a daily you can do once a week. If you already completed it on one of your other characters you can’t complete it on another character. Can you please confirm you didn’t already complete it on any other characters in the same server?

if you did, you can only claim once a week on roster.

I definetly didn’t do it on any other characters, I’ll check if it appears on my main though.

Could also be the ilvl cap, you require to have ilvl 1370 in order to do the quest.

I forgot to mention that.

I had it accepted on my main character, that’s the reason I couldn’t see it on my alt. My bad. But still my problem with Argos is unsolved.

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