Chaos w/ Rest Bonus - 0 Leap Stones

Just did a Chaos run with Rest Bonus, got 0 leap stones.

This should not be possible. I don’t mean its a bug, I mean the code should not be written where 0 leap stones is a possibility. It should never drop 0 leap stones (especially with rest bonus).

It shouldn’t be even a 1% chance.
It shouldn’t be even a 0.1% chance.
It shouldn’t be even a 0.01% chance.
It shouldn’t be even a 0.001% chance.
It shouldn’t be even a 0.0001% chance.

It should be impossible. The minimum should be 1. And with Rest Bonus, 2.

You need to get 0, so someone drops 12/16

I kind of agree with this, the minimum loot for anything honing from a dungeon should be 1, not 0. Even if they need to raise the total required to account for the new range you should always get at least a tiny amount of forward progress.

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Don’t worry friend, within the next 900 chaos dungeons you will probably get a maxed out leapstone drop, so it evens out! ahah!

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I mean, the thing is the loot wasnt 0. Leapstones are not a guaranteed drop in chaos dungeon.

Yeah, that’s like, literally what my thread is about. I even said “Not a bug” in the OP. I said it should be changed to Minimum 1.

Well good thing there’s like 10+ more optional ways to get leapstones that aren’t RNG

have you tried getting good?

Dang! I knew I forgot something! How do I get good, sir?

I’m kinda glad that chaos doesn’t really make up my leapstone income. I get shards, silver and a small amount of destruction/guardian stones.

Did 2 chaos today, both with rested {and a 3rd bar left} I got 12 GLs, 400ish GS and about 102 weapon stones…the worst part was getting 6…yep SIX accessories all purple. Now i did get about 18 or 20 useless broken items and about 4 gems and 2 purple books. First run was the better of the two but it 100% feels like dog…erm poop!!! compared to pre patch that i got two to three times the stones and way more accessories but about the same leapstones.

Rest bonus just means you get a second days chance and you failed both chances. Simple as that.