Chaotic Chuo not spawning

I’m not sure if this is a bug or if its somehow supposed to work like this, but I was waiting for Chaotic Chuo to spawn alongside a large number of players, and by the time the timer hit 0, it changed to “the current content has no release schedule”, just for it to add an extra hour to the timer 20 minutes later, this has happened 3 times so far, and will probably keep happening… Is there a reason for this? Are we doing something incorrectly? Or does Chaotic Chuo just simply have the readomest of the time spanws ever?
Idk pls help me

So based on the information I have found, You need to be level 50+, beat the normal Chuo boss, and follow the blue alarm clock time for the correct spawn time. It shows on my server he will pop up at 11am today.