Char bound over Roster bound

Like why is there char bound instead of roster bound I have thousands of mats bound to my t3 char that I can’t use on any of t2 or t1 chars like just spent like 3k crystals in the shop for upgrade mats for my other chars accidently claimed on my main now they are useless like what am I gonna do with these t1 and t2 mats bound to my t3 char so stupid…


This would really be great especially if they want to do more events that are locked to one time per roster per day having all that stuff as well as the welcome challenges, shards and chaos dungeon drops bound to account would be really convenient.

Help mitigate the trouble if one of your alts is missing a material but others may have a lot or make rerolling easier if someone finds out they don’t like the class they roll first as much as they thought they would. This game is new and I bet a lot of people are in the position of reevaluating mains right now and trying new things.

I’m sitting here with nearly 100k harmony shards because I did all the islands on my main and assumed they were going to be roster bound like all the other currencies in the game… nope.