Char name locked

I deleted a character to make a new one in other server (in the same region SA), to play with my friends, but after waiting for a day, I discovered that name is helded, it is possible to unlock the name for me?
The name of the character was Alixv and the server is Feiton.

If the Charakters lvl was above 10, Name is locked for 60 days until they manually refresh names. Nothing to do there

Hello Alix, hope you’re enjoying your Lost Ark Adventure!

I’m sorry to know you’re having issues with the name you want to use on a new character.

If your character was under level 10, the name is ready to use on another one. If no, it is still bonded to the character you deleted, for 60 days after the deletion.

I hope this information helps!

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Hello Reader,

are you able to delete a character?

During the launch weekend, 2 of my characters vanished from my char selection screen. Some mods checked and they are still there I just can’t access them. Would you be able to delete them to free up the character names? I would do it myself, but as I mentioned I can’t see them for some weird reason… And yes, I tried to validate game files, reinstall, and all the other trouble shootings :wink:

Thirain (CE Region)

Hello @LeahLorenna, hope you’re having a great time with Lost Ark!

I’m sorry to hear you’re not able to use your characters anymore.

In order to give you a better support please contact us through live channel: (Contact Us | Amazon Games) so we can raise this case if needed.