Char restoration - call of the bard

Hello ,
could you restore my Bard ? Her name should be Requim. Problem : i had once more than just one char with a similiar name. But i only had one bard ^^

I play on the euc server antares and my main char is called Fuchsfeuer.

Hey there @Voracity

Allow me a moment to restore your character, please make sure to have an open character slot and be logged out of the game!

Yea a slot should be open and im logged out.

Looks like those character names you mentioned direct me to other different player accounts, could you please give me other character names in your roster to find your account?


the name of my chars are fuchsfeuer ( gunslinger) shyinee (scrapper) , assassine (deathblade) roßweisse ( shadowhunter)

Alright I have now restored your level 56 Bard named Rèquim @Voracity

Please log back into the game to make sure everything looks good.

See you in Arkesia!

thank you - a nice day to you :slight_smile: