Char stuck in loading screen

Hi, after exiting a chaos gate my char is stuck in loading screen in Candaria Territory. Tryed restarting games but loading stops mid way. I can log on my other chars and did also chaos dungeons but i have no issue with them.

Can someone teleport or un-stuck me?

Char Name: Argonys
Server: Calvasus
Stuck in : between chaos dungeon and candaria territory

Thank you!

Hey there @Argonys Welcome to the Lost Ark forum!

Allow me a moment to relocate your character, usually this is what fixes this issue.

Please make sure to be logged out of the game! Let me know when you log out please.

Update: I’ve now relocated your character to the Vern Castle. Please follow the steps in this guide before logging back in to prevent this from happening in the future:

After the process is done you can log back in to make sure everything looks good!

See you in Arkesia!

Thank you! I am logged out now

Thanks! Will do a check! Hope this solves the issue!
Have a good evening

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